Eagle Shooting Pt. 1

Last week, an uncle informed my mom that there were over 30 eagles hanging out by a lake just off the Portage diversion. He complained that his point-and-shoot camera was useless in it’s ability to capture this monumental moment. Naturally, mom suggested I put my telephoto lens to work early Friday morning – so that’s what we did:

We got to the bridge my uncle has witnessed the flock, but only saw a lone eagle sunning in the middle of the river…

img_3277dallasWe drove further up the road and missed the original turn where we came across these cuties…img_3285dallas img_3288dallas img_3292dallasMr. & Mrs. Duck

img_3296dallas img_3294dallas img_3293dallasimg_3303dallas img_3306dallasNot too long into our misadventure, an eagle sat on the side of the road watching the car slowly roll up as I desperately attempted to inconspicuously adjust my huge, gun-barrel-like lens.

img_3312dallas too late…


IMG_3322dallas   img_3318dallasimg_3317dallasimg_3316dallasimg_3315dallas IMG_3333dallas IMG_3335dallas IMG_3337dallas IMG_3339dallas IMG_3340dallasIMG_3323dallasIMG_3343dallas IMG_3342dallas This big guy rode that block of ice down the river even after his buddy ditched him…IMG_3344dallasWild life photography is HARD!

Motion Blur: Gorgeous Gazel

I was recently given the opportunity to take advantage of photography classes and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the challenging and extremely fun homework assignments.

The latest task involved employing the motion blur technique and natural framing composition. I immediately thought to ask my girlfraaan and fellow blogger, Gazel, if she would be kind enough to model for me.

Thanks again for being SO PATIENT while I learned to navigate shutter speed and aperture, Gazel! I had a great time taking these <3

angel01 angel02  nost02 nost03

Spring Cleaning 2k14

I’ve developed an addiction to tights over the past few years and finally got fed up with the mess I’d make riffling through the bunched up nylons I had carefully scrunched up into my sock dresser. After scouring the internet for a more organized way to store them in such a way that would appease my Type-A personality, I came across this really simple idea. The original suggested gluing the wooden pins to the wall or a dresser, but I prefer a less permanent and much more versatile option:


I’m still deciding on a colour to paint it, but that probably won’t happen until Spring Cleaning 2k15!